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Most people find the Medicare system at least a little confusing. There are different requirements and coverage choices for those 65 and over than for most people under age 65, so there IS a learning curve. 

If you're trying to make sense of all the mail you are receiving and the advice offered by friends, family and co-workers, we can help. Sure, you could do-it-yourself! But why take the time and risk making a mistake when you can get reliable assistance at no cost to you? And why be rushed into making a hasty, over-the-phone decision about something so important?

I serve people in Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake counties. We sit down face-to-face and evaluate your situation. My colleagues or I can also help you if you live in other parts of the state.

Why get help with Medicare?
Medicare can be confusing! There's a lot to know, including deadlines and enrollment periods, and many coverage options. Making a mistake can cost you money.
Why get help with retirement?
Are you looking forward to retirement? Or are you already there, and wondering if you're making the right decisions about when and how to collect Social Security, use IRAs and 401ks, and make sure your money lasts your lifetime?

Have you planned for long-term care? Or considered how it will affect your ability to leave a legacy for heirs? We can show you options and help you to make good decisions in all of the areas related to retirement and senior life planning. 
Retirement brings with it a new set of challenges. Do you know all you need to about filing for and collecting Social Security? What about making your money last?
Are you an employer?
If you own a small business, you may not know what to tell employees about health insurance options when they turn 65. As Medicare specialists, we can help you and your employees make smart, cost-effective decisions about health and prescription drug coverage. 
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